Thursday, March 22, 2012

lino print and direct stencil print

This is as close to graffiti as I will get these days. It's a direct stencil print over a lino print over a mono print. u In case you have no idea what it is. It's a CAPTCHA. I really don't like those things. Seems like every time I go to log in on a website or sign up for something I have to solve on of those. So I'm making a bunch of these as a statement about pet peeves. Working title is "Are You Human".

I'm not one of those graffiti artist who tag up walls. But I'm not above vandalizing a canvas or two.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Linocut printmaking process tranferring your image to a linoleum panel

Here are some tips for transferring your original image to your linoleum block.

You'll need carbon copy paper, a pen or pencil, some tape, a reversed image of what you want to print, a linoleum panel.

Step one. Place carbon copy paper over the lino block you want to use for your linocut.

Step two. Place image over carbon copy paper in the area you want to tranfer the image to your block.

Step three. Trace image with a pencil or pen.

Step four. Remove one side of the tape and look at your linoleum block to ensure that the entire image has been transferred. If not recover the block and touch up. Remove the paper and touch up anything you might have missed.

Below is an example of an image transfer.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tangram Heart Linocut

There's the finished product.
 Here's some of the process.
 I used some painters tape to hold down the linoleum pieces and an old screen printing frame as a printing jig.
 I simply removed some of the linoleum pieces for each color. This was my first attempt. So it was a learning experience.
I did this tangram heart linocut print as an experiment. I used a bunch of precut pieces of linoleum. I used most of  part of a couple of sheets of linoleum left over from other projects.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The big bridge linocut print

I did this linocut print of the bridge in Astoria. Tried out a combination of paint and screen printing ink. I wasn't really happy with the image quality.

Runic signature block print

I did this runic signature block print. Just a quick print to test out a type of ink that I hadn't tried yet. I used screen printing ink which came out pretty good. I used a speedy carve block as something experimental. The guy at the art shop told me they wear out pretty quick but I made about 100 of them and didn't see any image degradation. Fun little project. I noticed the block printing ink is better if you have a lot of fine lines because it is thicker. The screen printing ink is great if you have a simple image without a lot of fine lines.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Five linocut prints under $25

5 prints $25 and under
Linocut prints for sale

Goonies House AP
Edition of 7
Linocut on Fabriano hot press
14" X 11" with a printed area of 13" X 10"
$25 Shipped

Flavel House
Edition of 8
Linocut on Strathmore Bristol
12" X 9"
$15 Shipped

Edition of 35
6" X 8"
Linocut on archival stock
$10 Shipped

Edition of 30
7" X 5"
Linocut on archival stock
$8 Shipped

Dinocut Red Variant
edition of 8
10" X 8"
two color linocut on archival stock
$15 Shipped

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Linocut prints

Here's some prints I created last week.

10" X 8"
Two Color Linocut print on poster stock.

7" X 5"
Black on white poster stock.

Favel House
12" X 9"
Black on Strathmore Bristol

Goonies House
14" X 11"
Black on Fabrioni Hot Press

Black out
6" X 8"
Black on white poster stock.